Online learning for ELC-12 students anywhere in the world, founded on the Haileybury traditions of academic excellence, a global outlook, an entrepreneurial spirit and our commitment to social justice.

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Haileybury has always embraced technology for teaching and learning.

We see ourselves as innovators. High-speed WiFi, laptops and tablets, video and cloud-based services, along with our school-wide LMS Canvas, are all now part of our students’ everyday learning experiences.

But the latest technology is not what matters.

What is important is technology that meets the needs of students and teachers. Technology that helps deliver outstanding learning experiences that fuel academic excellence.

Innovation, technology and learning

Innovation using technology that brings benefits for our students and teachers is our motivation for creating HaileyburyX.

HaileyburyX will develop online courses not just for Haileybury students but for ELC-12 students anywhere in the world.

As a forward looking, digitally advanced school we are in a unique position to innovate in EdTech - technology for teaching and learning. Our students will benefit from the courses we develop for HaileyburyX.

But we also intend that our teachers, and the whole school community, will get to learn about how we can best use technology to deliver outstanding learning experiences, putting our school at the forefront of educational innovation.

Read on for more detail about some of our plans for HaileyburyX.

For our students

Digital is an integral part of the everyday lives of our students. They have have never experienced a world without ubiquitous technology.

As a result, their expectations of a quality learning experience are different. This challenges us to continually evolve our pedagogical approach. 

HaileyburyX is not just about developing and delivering new kinds of courses - whether alongside the curriculum or as part of it - but is about helping us learn about the effective use of technology to benefit the whole student community.


The focus of HaileyburyX, like our adoption of Canvas across the school, is on enhancing the way we teach learners of today and tomorrow.

Courses are complex and time-consuming to develop. Our expertise and subject knowledge must be distilled into experiences that help our students learn effectively, that engage their imagination and that integrate what they learn into their developing worldview. This will help them perform to the best of their abilities.

To build courses for HaileyburyX we have adopted some of the processes and practices of an approach called Agile which has proved to be extraordinarily effective. It originated in software development and is now used in many industries worldwide.

HaileyburyX is a pioneer of this approach, called Agile Learning Design.


Agile is a name for a set of principles, practices and tools that are now widely used in software development.

Although we will be developing courses, not software, the Agile principles, practices and tools are incredibly useful to us. This is because what sits behind Agile is a focus on the people doing the work and how they work. In Agile, solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising teams.

We are supporting teachers who work with HaileyburyX by providing professional development in Agile as applied to learning design.

The Haileybury Microcredential in Agile Learning Design, made available to our teachers and education professionals for the first time in 2019, will be launched as an external microcredential for Australian teachers, and then worldwide, in 2020.

What's NEXT

We're developing three types of courses.

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Courses that sit alongside the curriculum


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Online courses that are part of Haileybury's core curriculum


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Courses available to any learners, anywhere


Courses are organised into multidisciplinary channels that will help learners create unique pathways through our learning and to help us to create personalised microcredentials. 

All of our courses, the channels to which they belong and their development progress, can be seen on our roadmap.



We've also asked a group of education experts, along with business leaders beyond education, to join our Global Advisory Board. Their role is to help us think more broadly about the possibilities for HaileyburyX.



The HaileyburyX roadmap is public. You can follow our progress by visiting our Trello board for for HaileyburyX here.

HaileyburyX Roadmap, November 2019


Haileybury organises events called Startups each year for the whole school. At Startup, new projects and initiatives are discussed.

Peter Thomas, director of HaileyburyX, spoke about the project. You can view Peter Thomas' startup presentation about HaileyburyX.

To learn more about HaileyburyX you can also email Peter

Peter Thomas
director of HaileyburyX

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We'll be using Slack, and other collaboration tools including Zoom and Trello, to support our Agile Learning Design teams and to share our progress with the school community.

We're intending to transparently document our progress on HaileyburyX. You can follow us on Twitter @x_haileybury and subscribe to our Medium publication where we share some of the things we are thinking about.

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You can also listen to our new podcast HaileyburyX on Soundcloud directly on Soundcloud or via Spotify.

Season 1 looks at microcredentials and features interviews with experts in education, technology and the emerging microcredential ecosystem.

Season 2 looks at Teachers of The Future and features interviews with innovative teachers from around the world. 

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