Agile Learning Design

A professional K-12 teacher education microcredential from HaileyburyX in collaboration with DiUS.

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We help K-12 teachers understand how to use Agile in the design and development of learning experiences - face-to-face, remote, blended or online.

In the new education environment, where speed, agility and student focus are essential, the principles and methods of the Agile movement will transform your teaching.

"We equip teachers with Agile tools and practices so that they can experience firsthand the benefits of working in an agile way. Reflection and continuous improvement are other core Agile principles, and the microcredential has been designed to create a space for this to happen so that participants can support each other as they experiment with the process."
Pete Cohen DIUS

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The Educator winner 2019 and shortlisted for Best Use of technology, 2020 awards, selected for Innovative Schools report, 2020. Dr Peter Thomas was a hotlist educator for 2020.

HaileyburyX, in collaboration with DiUS, invite you to learn how to apply Agile to the design and development of learning experiences in two innovative professional development programmes for K-12 educators in any discipline area.

Both programmes cover the fundamentals of Agile and the practical ways in which Agile can be applied in learning design and more broadly, professional teaching practice. The programmes include peer-learning, instructor-guided inquiry and insights from Agile industry practitioners.

The programmes differ in depth. Accelerator will help you explore the fundamentals of Agile Learning Design, while the 30-Day Sprint focuses on in-depth learning and the application of Agile to your teaching practice. Both programmes are designed to fit around your professional commitments. 

Whether you are designing new online learning experiences, looking for ways to build better remote learning or want to become more effective and student focused, and in any discipline, Agile Learning Design can help.

And whoever you are - an experienced teacher,  a relief teacher or recent graduate - we can help you develop insights that will shape your professional practice.


Both programmes are accredited by HaileyburyX as part of its suite of professional development projects.

You will receive the Haileybury Microcredential in Agile Learning Design Accelerator or Haileybury Microcredential in Agile Learning Design 30-Day Sprint credentials plus digital badges issued on our Badgr platform. The digital badge can be shared with your professional networks.

You will also join a growing community of teachers and education professionals from many different types of school settings who are looking for ways to apply Agile in their practice.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with a worldwide community of Agile practitioners working in many and diverse industries.


Explore the fundamentals of Agile applied to learning design.

You’ll share your notes on curated readings, hear from industry practitioners through Expert Insights and share reflections with your K-12 professional educator peers.

You’ll also conduct an inquiry into Agile in your professional practice and present the results for immediate feedback in a PechaKucha style webinar.

This programme is ideal for those who want to get to the heart of Agile and learn the essentials quickly.

It is a good foundation for the 30-Day Sprint programme where you can choose to continue your learning journey with more time and space to explore the opportunities of Agile Learning Design in detail.

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How long will I need?
8 hours over 6 days. 1 hour of course instructor briefings, 1 hour of optional group discussion1 hour of expert insights, 1 hour of peer reflection and 4 hours of self-directed learning.

How will I participate?
Zoom & Slack. We will create a dedicated Slack channel so you can collaborate with your peers.

What will it cost?
Complete Accelerator and the cost of the 30-Day Sprint reduces by 50%. We commit to offer at least one place in each course to teachers who would be unable to meet the financial commitment required. Contact us for details. 

What do I get?
The Agile Learning Design Accelerator Microcredential.

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30-Day Sprint

Learn Agile in-depth and apply it to your teaching practice.

During this 30-day programme, you will learn about the principles, practices and tools of Agile through curated readings, peer reflection, webinars from industry practitioners and briefings from course leaders.

Each week for four weeks you will be challenged to understand Agile, share your learnings with your K-12 professional educator peers in Zoom conference calls and on Slack, and hear from and ask questions of Agile industry practitioners.

In weeks three and four, you will investigate in depth how you can apply Agile to your teaching practice and present the results to your peers.

This programme is ideal for those who want to explore more deeply the application of Agile values, principles, tools and methods.

After the 30-day Sprint programme you can opt for a team coaching programme to help you explore the potential of Agile across your school.

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How long will I need?
14 hours over 30 days. 2 hours of course leader briefings, 2 hours of peer reflection, 2 hours of group calls, 1.5 hours of expert insights, 5 hours of self-directed learning.

How will I participate?
Zoom & Slack. We will create a dedicated Slack channel so you can collaborate with your peers.

What does it cost?
If you have completed Accelerator this reduces to A$499. We commit to offer at least one place in each course to teachers who would be unable to meet the financial commitment required. Contact us for details. Optional post-programme team coaching A$299.

What will I get?
The Agile Learning Design 30-Day Sprint Microcredential.

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Meet your instructors

Our award-winning instructors have a unique mixture of teaching, digital learning and technology industry experience. This ensures that our two Agile Learning Design programmes are of practical ongoing relevance to the needs of K-12 teachers and represent the latest industry knowledge. 

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Pete Cohen

Pete Cohen is Principal Consultant, Delivery Lead and Agile Business Analyst at DiUS Computing in Melbourne. He has created bespoke software applications and technology solutions for clients including NAB, Telstra, and MYOB.

Hear Pete talk about his role in the Agile Learning design microcredential and how he brings his experience to help teachers learn about Agile.

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Dr Peter Thomas

Dr Peter Thomas is director of HaileyburyX. He holds visiting professorial positions in the UK and China in financial innovation and is an international educational strategist. He is listed on The Educator’s annual Hot List 2020.

Hear Peter talk about why we are offering the microcredential and some of the features of the Agile Learning Design Accelerator and 30-Day Sprint programmes.

What our learners say

The Agile Learning design was prototyped and tested with over 50 teachers, leaders and learning design leaders at Haileybury in late 2019. The two programmes have been re-developed based on extensive feedback from practising teachers and input from Agile industry practitioners.

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"The ability to be able to participate in the Agile Accelerator course has been brilliant. Being online has enabled me to participate in a much easier fashion, as there is no requirement to travel, and we have been able to interact with each other via online platforms. I've learnt so much in the introduction to Agile, and through the course have been able to work through a design to implement the Agile practice within my classroom. Prior to joining the course I'd had little knowledge of Agile, less on how to bring this to the classroom. The course was thought provoking and discussions with the participants involved, led to paths down alternate rabbit warrens of information that were fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the 30-day program."

Elli Burdan
Mathematics and Science Teacher, Fintona Girls’ School

"Agile Learning design challenged some preconceived ideas that I had on working in teams, ultimately allowing me to improve interactions and efficiencies within the groups I lead and work in."

Melissa Allen
Head of Middle School Teaching & Learning, Haileybury. 

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"This short accelerated course has given me inspiration to tackle a task that I have been most unhappy doing but wanting to remain involved to see changes. It has been a linear and traditional task and I have felt the need but lacked a comprehensive overview or even a key of a way to empower my colleagues in this shared office space physically and also statewide virtual teams on a journey of change."

Jillian Abell
President, Network of Educational Associations of Tasmania (NEAT)
Director, Australian Professional Teaching Association (APTA)
Chair, Tasmania Branch of the Australian College of Educators (ACE)

"It was great to be able to hear from the other participants, and even better that we came from a wide range of contexts to get a better understanding of experiences outside of my immediate circumstances. I also really liked hearing from the guest presenters, and all of the comments/input from the instructors."

Jade Cleave
Head of Middle School Japanese, Haileybury

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"The Agile mirco-credential opened my eyes to a different way of working, giving me new skills that I have implemented when working with various teams across the school and when completing independent tasks."

Craig Nicholls
Digital Learning Leader, Junior School & ELC, Haileybury. 

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"As disruptive as 2020 has been, the forced migration to an online environment worked well for this course. The week long accelerator approach with routine check ins worked well. I found this better than say an intensive one day course, where by 1:30 pm you are tired and distracted. The time between zoom sessions enabled me to ponder the content, delve deeper through provided links and consolidate my learning. The use of Slack was great and facilitated a discussion centred around the content."

Lee Hancock
Leader of Innovation & Digital Learning, St. Paul’s College Kempsey. 

"Agile Learning Design opened up a whole new world that took me beyond Haileybury into other industries and back to Haileybury for application. Innovative ideas, new dialogue, new opportunities to learn, new pedagogy to create."

Victoria Hazell
Assistant Dean of Studies, Haileybury. 

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