Welcome. You're a parent who wants to learn more about how improve your digital literacy and help your children improve theirs.

There is perhaps no more fraught area of parenting than how to help children live safe, productive and satisfying lives online using technology. 

We're sure you have read many of the articles - some of them insightful and helpful, some of them worrying or terrifying - about the benefits and hazards of the technology and online services your children have access to. 

We know that people have strong views. Some people believe that children are harmed by digital technologies and the solution is strict regulation of the companies that make those technologies. Other people believe that, with appropriate guidance for children, these technologies can be beneficial.  

We don't endorse any point of view about this.

Instead, we want to help you understand more about the apps and services that your children use so you are better prepared to help your children understand how they work so that they can use them safely, productively and effectively. 

We won't be talking about the basics of how to use these apps and services, or about all the possible apps and services that your children might use - there are just too many to cover - and in any case, the internet is full of great tutorials.

Instead, we've made a selection of the types of apps and services you will come across and we are going to look at some things you and your children can think about when using them.

Each of the parts of this course covers a different type of application or service - messaging, social media, video sharing, gaming and audio. In each part we provide a brief explanation of what they are and how they work, the benefits and disadvantages, some questions to consider and some other issues you might like to think about.  

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