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The HaileyburyX Ed. short-form conference events are our way to learn more about the issues we are interested in - and at the same time nourish our ecosystem.

Our events are not dominated by our own point of view. As we say at each event, there is no monopoly on the truth.

This results in an open and challenging exchange of views that widens the aperture on some of the key issues in teaching and learning.

All of our EVENTS  have now moved onLINE.

We will be developing new resources for each event, including Zoom webinars, Soundcloud podcasts, Vimeo recorded and streaming videos and Medium articles.


The challenge of building k12 media literacy

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TuESDAY 23 February 19.00 AEST

Join Annabel Astbury, head of Education for the ABC, along with Peter Thomas, director of HaileyburyX and guests, for a Clubhouse discussion of media literacy.
According to the Australian Media Literacy Alliance there are 10 competencies of a media literate citizen.
In this Clubhouse, we’re going to reflect, discuss, analyse and comment on number 9: “Successfully manages personal, social and public relationships using media” in the context of K12 learners of today.
The emergence of new media forms - of which of course Clubhouse is one of the latest - presents challenges for the successful management of personal, social and public relationships.
As adults encountering Clubhouse for the first time we are concerned with issues like Should I be here? What does is say about me? How do I best portray myself? What are the potential benefits - and hazards? Is this something I need to invest in? Will I get value?
As educators, to best equip K12 learners to become media literate - and especially in terms of managing relationships - these issues are incredibly important, regardless of the platform.
How best should we approach this task? Should it be part of the formal curriculum, or do we support other organisations to help students develop this competence? Do we remove some platforms and technologies from the hands of students - and would this work? How do parents, teachers and students best work together to develop media literacy competencies? As educators, do we have the competencies that are needed?
These questions, and more, are ones we are interested in in this discussion.
Join us.
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Will they be the learning management systems that are serving millions of learners in K12 and universities?

Will they come from the many edtech unicorns who are blazing a trail in areas like online tutoring, language learning or study support?

Or might they emerge from some of the consumer platforms and services that currently serve very different users in very different markets.

In Season 3 of HaileyburyX on Soundcloud Peter Thomas and Lauren Sayer sidestep the predictable and take a deep dive to look at who might be the new giants of educational technology.

We’ll be talking to companies, educators and commentators who see the edtech landscape in new and interesting ways.


This event is now a podcast on Soundcloud. Listen here.

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teachers of the future

Disruption was put firmly on the agenda of boardrooms around the globe with the publication of Clayton Christensen's The Innovator's Dilemma and the introduction of the terms 'sustaining' and 'disruptive' innovation.

Over the 20 years since the book was published, the Christensen Institute, amongst others, are exploring education as the new site for digital disruption. Should schools focus on sustaining innovations that are easy to implement, fit within the constraints of budgets and scarce staff time and that can benefit students for years to come, or do they pursue disruptive innovations that can fundamentally change the nature of education?

Our disruptEd event focuses on one aspect of disruption - teachers of the future - and asks what should the teacher of the future know and do and how do we prepare them for the changing educational landscape to come?

This event is now a podcast on Soundcloud. Listen here.

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Most of the effort in online learning, especially in a school setting, is focused on effective pedagogy.

But we think what has been neglected is the experiential character of learning spaces and how they can create enticing, compelling and engaging experiences.

The technology platforms we use are content delivery vehicles - whether the content is courses or video conferences. They are not built with enticement in mind.

Drawing on our backgrounds in experience and learning design, performance and on the idea of the ludic - a playful, spontaneous, ironic and absurd experience or narrative - we invite you to enticEd, a serious event with unserious means.

Or perhaps the other way around.

Read our story about enticEd on Medium


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exploring the emerging microcredential ecosystem

A short form conference exploring the emerging microcredential ecosystem and looking at the possible futures for microcredentials and how they might reconfigure the relationship between schools, universities and employers.

Haileybury city campus
March 13, 2020

This event was sold out but postponed.
It is now a podcast on Soundcloud.


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accelerating Agile Learning Design capabilities

Our approach to online learning design is to adopt, adapt and action the set of values, principles and methods of the Agile movement that originated in software development.

At our first agilEd short-form conference we will bring together technology, education and industry practitioners to explore the value of Agile in learning design. We will also hear from Haileybury teachers on their experience of the Agile Learning Design microcredential.

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recognising and celebrating educational innovation

Education is an industry infused by innovation - in teaching methods, curriculum materials, professional development and edtech - and we want to help new and exciting innovations to surface.

Our ignitEd event is a day of short pitch presentations from education innovators intended to inform, inspire and ignite new thinking. The best pitch, as judged by the audience and our expert judges, will win the HaileyburyX ignitEd Prize.

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“There remains a misconception that creativity is solely the province of the arts. This is not true. Creativity exists in all disciplines. It is valued by mathematicians, scientists and entrepreneurs, as well as by artists, writers and composers.”

Sir Nicholas Serota CH, Chair of The Durham Commission on Creativity and Education

Creativity is not something that only relates to drama, music, art and other creative subjects. Creative thinking should run through all of our students' lives, and our school curricula, infusing the way human and natural sciences are learned.

creatEd brings together educators, creative professionals and business leaders to look at the value of creative thinking from the perspective of pedagogy, practice and professional life.

We will explore the value of imagination, intuition, perseverance, experimentation, critical thinking and collaboration and how we can teach for creativity using pedagogies and practices that cultivate creativity in young people.

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exploring explicit instruction

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction programme has been delivered to schools across Australia with outstanding success.

Our first instructEd event consists of presentations about the programme’s underpinnings, practical sessions on elements of the approach, and the opportunity to ask questions of educators experienced in explicit instruction.

instructEd forms part of our launch of the programme as a blended learning experience and can be counted towards the new Haileybury Microcredentials in Explicit Instruction.

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the new mindset of blended learning

One of the success stories in modern educational practice, blended learning can deliver powerful benefits for students but can create challenges for those planning and designing blended learning, and for institutions who need to upskill educators to adopt blended learning.

As with many innovations in education, a key challenge is creating a shift of mindset that can help educators make principled decisions about why, how and when to adopt blended learning models. As the Christensen Institute says "reinventing your instructional model is a lot harder than adopting a new technology that enhances your current practices."

Our blendEd event focuses not on the mechanics of blended learning but on the ways that insitutitions can create the kind of mindset shift that successful adoption of blended learning - that sees student-centered learning as a positive and transformational force - requires. 

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hacking education

Emerging from the world of software, the concept of a hack - a creative, improvisational, elegant solution to a difficult problem - has gained wider currency in the form of hackathons, not just for software but for anything from culture change to sustainability.

Our hackEd event addresses some of the challenges of k-12 education in a free-flowing, highly collaborative, experimental and fast-moving environment.

We will bring together a multidisciplinary group of educators, designers, agile practitioners and technologists to create real solutions to real problems, while building a hackEd collaborative education innovation community

Ed. events are part of the HaileyburyX mission to build online courses not just for Haileybury students, but for ELC-12 students anywhere in the world, and to help our teachers, and the whole school community, learn about how we can best use technology to deliver outstanding learning experiences.

Read more about some of the issues we are thinking about on our HaileyburyX Medium publication