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Haileybury Explicit Instruction is a highly structured method of teaching primary school literacy and numeracy that is effective for online learning and teaching. 

Watch Haileybury Junior School Teacher Georgia James as she teaches a mini-lesson on subtraction using a number line.  

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The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme is a professional development programme for teachers and schools. It is being made available online to teachers who wish to understand and implement the approach in their teaching and for their schools.


Based on international research into effective learning, it focuses on helping students achieve mastery of core skills and move learning from short to long term memory. 


Explicit Instruction uses a set of teaching techniques for modelling skills, guided practice and independent practice along with the Six Givens that set the context for effective explicit instruction. The approach is effective for classroom learning and teaching or online.


Each course has its own playbook, a practical teacher toolkit and a library of video materials of Explicit Instruction in action.

About Explicit Instruction at Haileybury

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme builds on the work of John Fleming and the Haileybury Institute. This work was initially developed in the context of one of Victoria’s disadvantaged low-socioeconomic primary schools and aimed to lift the performance of students in literacy and numeracy.   

Since 2006, the Haileybury Institute has worked to implement, develop and refine explicit instruction, drawing on research including educational neuroscience and international evidence-based best practice. 

Haileybury’s teachers and teaching and learning leaders have helped successfully implement Explicit Instruction in over 100 schools. It has  increased teacher and student engagement and lifted student achievement. The results at Haileybury and other schools have run counter to the declining trend in Australian academic performance in literacy and numeracy as measured by for example PISA. 

The Haileybury Institute has worked with many schools to implement the Explicit Instruction model. For example, the Blue Haven Public School was supported in delivering explicit instruction and was recognised by an Australian Government School of the Year award in the 2019 Australian Education Awards.

Course Structure

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme consists of 7 courses that can be studied as self-paced online learning. Each course includes its own playbook that accompanies a course toolkit and videos of Explicit Instruction in action.

Master Playbook

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Master Playbook overviews the underpinning of the Explicit Instruction approach, the lesson sequence in detail, curriculum applications in mathematics, reading, writing and spelling, and looks at the courses the make up the programme. The Playbook is a guide to the Explicit Instruction approach and to the courses that make up the programme.

HEIPS MAster Playbook - child studies while teacher on a laptop

Core Courses

Explicit Instruction Theory

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme is based on learning theory in educational neuroscience and on international evidence-based best practice.

The Explicit Instruction Theory course consists of a set of curated readings, summaries of the key research findings relating to Explicit Instruction and questions for reflection and analysis.

HEIPS Theory course - abstract head with brain network

Classroom Settings

Although the Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme is highly structured, the Six Givens and the Activities can be manifested in classrooms in different ways depending on the specific lesson intention, success criteria and the nature of the curriculum.

The Classroom Settings course will provide examples of how Explicit Instruction manifests in different classroom settings.

HEIPS Classroom settings course - wooden blocks on a table

The Six Givens

The Six Givens are a set of fundamental elements that are present in all Explicit Instruction classrooms and learning spaces. They cover the nature of the classroom setting, the management of teaching and the approach of the teacher in interacting with students.

The Six Givens course looks at the fundamental elements of explicit instruction classrooms and learning spaces and strategies for the management of teaching using The Six Givens.

HEIPS Six Givens course course - young man looks up

The Activities

The heart of The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme is a set of Activities that are applied to lesson intentions.The activities start with a Warm-Up and progress through a teaching sequence of Lesson Introduction, I Do/We Do/You Do and Plough Back and Why. The aim of the sequence is to move from modelling, through guided practice to independent practice.

The Activities course explores in detail the lesson sequence with supporting materials in the toolkit and extensive video materials created by experienced Haileybury teachers.

HEIPS Theory course - abstract head with brain network

Curriculum Applications

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme can be incorporated throughout the curriculum.  While the fundamentals remain the same, the implementation of the model is designed to encompass a range of evidence-based strategies to suit different curriculum areas. 

The Curriculum Applications course looks at how the programme can be implemented across the curriculum.

HEIPS Curriculum Applications course course - image of open book on table

Advanced Courses

Higher-Order Thinking 

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme is most effective when embedded alongside higher-order thinking and problem-solving.

The Curriculum Applications course will examine how the programme can be implemented across the curriculum.

HEIPS Higher Order course -  abstract gears on a blue background

Beyond Primary Teaching 

The Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme can be used beyond the primary classroom. The fundamental features of the programme can be adapted to middle school and senior school settings.

The Beyond Primary Teaching course helps you explore potential applications of the programme beyond primary. education.

HEIPS Beyond Primary Teaching course -  paper airplanes on a blue background

Professional Credentials from Haileybury

Teachers may, if they wish, submit evidence and obtain microcredentials for each course to demonstrate their knowledge and evidence their competencies in explicit instruction.

Teachers can obtain individual course microcredentials and stack these into the Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme Core Credential by providing a portfolio of video evidence based on their work in each course. These video portfolios should be of their classroom practice.

Teachers can also stack advanced courses into the Haileybury Explicit Instruction Programme Advanced Credential by providing two professional practice papers based on their work.


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