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Learn more about ethics and about one approach to working out what is right and wrong called utilitarianism - the idea that what is morally right to do is what maximises happiness - by talking to our Soul MachinesTM ditital person, Hailey.

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In this microcourse you'll learn about utilitarianism, one approach to morality.

In this microcourse you'll learn about utilitarianism - the idea that we are acting morally if the decisions we make, and what we do, bring the most happiness and least suffering to the most people.

In this version of the microcourse you'll talk to Hailey, our Soul MachinesTM digital person. 

After you've talked to Hailey, we'd like to you to complete a quick quiz about what you learned. 

There's also another version of the microcourse that uses text and videos rather than talking to Hailey. You can take the other version of the microcourse if you'd like to see the difference between them. 


What questions can I ask Hailey?

You can just start by saying hello, or ask

What is ethics?
What is morality?
What is utilitarianism?

Take the utilitarianism quiz

You don't need you to identify yourself to answer the quiz. We won't record your email address or your IP address (the internet address of the computer you are using). The quiz is anonymous. 

The Utilitarianism Quiz

Here are some questions about topics that Hailey discussed. See how you do. We'll also ask you some questions about how you learned.

What are two of the main ideas in ethics that Hailey discussed?

Utilitarianism is the philosophical theory is that…

The ‘felicific calculus’ is also known as...

Jeremy Bentham meant by happiness…

Jeremy Bentham believed that...

In order to evaluate how much happiness an action would produce, Jeremy Bentham invented…

Did you do any additional research of your own about utilitarianism?

On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (really enjoyed)  much did you enjoy learning about utilitarianism through your dialogue with Hailey?

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Learn about utilitarianism by reading and watching.

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