Dr Peter Thomas, director of HaileyburyX

PETER THOMAS is a research leader, international educational strategist and educational technologist who has worked in the areas of online learning, microcredentialling, AI in learning and mobile learning in industry, higher education and K12 for 20 years. He appeared on The Educator Hotlist after only 12 months in the K12 education sector in Australia and he has won awards for his work on HaileyburyX, including The Educator Innovative Schools Winner 2019, 2020, 2021; The Educator Best Student Wellbeing programme 2021 and the The Educator Best Remote Learning Programme 2021.

He has led technology organisations for companies including an FTSE100 business, founded and led research institutes in two hemispheres and established the first research programme in the human factors of mobile devices. He has worked with governments and companies around the world, with universities including MIT, Cambridge, and Melbourne, and with partners in the US, UK, China, Japan, India, Australia and South Korea, raising tens of millions of dollars in public and private funding.
He was first appointed as professor of information management at 32, has held and holds visiting professorial positions in the UK (Brunel, Falmouth and Newcastle universities) and China (Beijing Normal University) where he is Dean for International Projects at the International Institute for Big Data in Finance where he has co-chaired 9 international events. He has held senior Fellowships at the University of Western Australia and the University of Melbourne.
He designed, co-founded and led The Leasing Foundation, the first new European commercial finance industry body in 25 years, establishing educational programmes including the first part-time, industry-linked blended delivery MA degree in financial innovation, the first industry-wide professional development framework for commercial finance and advised numerous companies on strategy, technology, learning and media.
He has founded and chaired numerous conferences and conference series in technology, education, innovation and finance and written thought leadership pieces on blended learning, AI, pedagogy, learning design, microcredentialling and multi-platform learning design. He is founder and editor in chief for one of the world's leading research journals (IF 3.006) in ubiquitous computing for Springer Nature.
He is co-founder and CEO of upling, a data-driven cybersecurity education platform for K12 schools, co-founder The School for Conversation Design and is creative director for Medicine Unboxed, an arts and medicine project funded by Wellcome, for which he designed 10 sell-out international events and founded one of the world's biggest single arts prizes.  
He has an undergraduate degree in literature and linguistics, a PhD in computer science and psychology and was educated at Leeds, Cambridge and Hull Universities. He was elected as a Fellow of the RSA (FRSA), the BCS (FBCS), the IEE (FIEE) and was a Chartered Engineer (CEng). 

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HaileyburyX works with a large and changing group of teachers, corporate staff and school leaders. They include:

Toan Huynh, Jeff Plumb, Mark McTier, Stephanie George, Rebecca Arceri, Faizul Zakaria, Jane Harford, Derek Scott, Jacqueline Gough, Jerry Daly, Nancy Chang, Anna Sever, Lauren Sayer, Maria Bailey, Henry WIllis, Brendan Magilton, Adam McCarthy, Amanda Simon, Habiba Warsame, Rachel Pollitt, Yang Ch’ng, Robin Irvine, Henry Willis, Carlie Gannon, Craig Nicholls, Michelle Dennis, Marcia Cross, Tamsyn Vinnick, Lisa Christopher, Jodie McInnes, Michele McGill, Melissa McCrae, Rebecca Taylor, Amy Taylor, Jessica Goulding, Niki Preston, Caitlin Wilson, Kristen Bennetts, Amy Taylor, Jessica Goulding, Andrew Rattle, Rhiannon Rowe, Margaret Mielnik, Georgia Drover, James Ashby, Jan Munro, Brent Richie and Grenville Green. 

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