HaileyburyX creates a variety of projects and courses that support the Haileybury mission. 


HaileyburyX HYCreds badge design by Peter Thomas

HYCreds is our microcredentialling framework. 

From ways of formulating succinct competencies, through a process for aligning them as part of a badge taxonomy, to designing suites of digital badges, HYCreds is starting to roll out from our Curious Minds programme — with its initial suite of 70+ microcredentials in anything from drone piloting to UN-style debating skills — out into professional development in our Agile Learning Design microcredential, our Haileybury Explicit Instruction programme, and beyond.

We embarked on a whole-school design research exercise to develop a simple and transparent credentialling and digital badging process and delivered a suite of training and tools for teachers across Haileybury to help them understand and work with HYCreds. 

HYCreds was designed by HaileyburyX director Dr Peter Thomas in collaboration with Haileybury teacher Jacqueline Gough, Head of Curious Minds.

Learn more about HYCreds and our approach to microcredentialling.  

HaileyburyX Medium Blockchain Dr Peter Thomas

Credentialling the Future
Dr Peter Thomas, writing with Jacqeline Gough, on HYCreds. 

HaileyburyX microcrEd podcastDr Peter Thomas

Dr Peter Thomas hosts a podcast on microcredentials in  Season 1 of HaileyburyX on SoundCloud.

AISSA Peter Thomas on microcredentials

Future Directions in the Recognition of Learning
AISSA online event, May 2021
Dr Peter Thomas talks about microcredentialling.
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Peter Thomas chairs the ePIC2020 global event on open recognition and open badges

Education, Work and The Economies Of Recognition In Contemporary Australia
ePIC, October 2020
Dr Peter Thomas leads a panel on recognition of learning.
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Peter Thomas talks about HaileyburyX and microcredentialling for Education Today.

Micro-credentialling at every stage of learning
Education Today, March 2020
Dr Peter Thomas interviewed about HaileyburyX and microcredentialling.
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HaileyburyX HYCreds programme

The Power of Microcredentials
HaileyburyX's HYCreds microcredentialling programme.  
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In addition to courses aligned to our four themes, we develop courses that aligned to the Haileybury curriculum or provide co-curricular experiences.

New courses are developed constantly, using our Agile Learning Design approach which emphasises continuous delivery, the use of minimum viable products and the use of modern collaboration and communication tools like Slack, Coda and Trello.

HaileyburyX Chinese Language course

Chinese Language
A course for students to transition to year 7 Chinese. 

HaileuburyX Middle School Study Skills

Middle School Study Skills
How to study, complete homework and manage time for Hailybury Middle School Students. 

HaileyburyX Blended Learning Playbook

Blended Learning Playbook
A professional development course on blended learning.
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HaileyburyX measurement and estimation

Measurement and estimation
A course for ELC students.

Misconceptions from HaileyburyX

Maths Misconceptions
 Maths Misconceptions helps students refresh fundamental concepts.

Icebergs melting.

How Social Change Happens
The Politics of Climate Change

HaileyburyX wellbeing

HaileyburyX Wellbeing
Inspiring Stories

A suite of courses that help students self-care.

HaileyburyX Wellbeing

HaileyburyX Wellbeing Wellbeing Strategies
A suite of courses that help students self-care.

HaileyburyX Wellbeing

HaileyburyX Wellbeing
19 Days at Sea
An experiment in creating online experiences of nature. 


HaileyburyX director Dr Peter Thomas created and poineered the Agile Learning Design approach for HaileyburyX.

Drawing on his experiences in tertiary education and industry learning and development, along with his background in software and design, he brought together these ideas to create a new approach to the design of learning experiences. Dr Thomas has spoken widely about the approach in the agile community and in educational conferences.

Agile Learning Design helps teachers develop new competencies that help them quickly and effectively build the rich, engaging, developmental learning experiences.

Learn more about this approach below. 

Agile Learning Design Canvascon Sydney HaileyburyX Peter Thomas

Building a Culture of Agile Learning Design
Canvascon, August 2019
Agile and HaileyburyX. 
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Peter Thomas at AgileAus 2021

Agile Learning Design
July 2021
Dr Peter Thomas on Agile Learning design.
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Peter Thomas Liminal Learning Spaces

Liminal Learning Spaces: blending the digital and physical
National Education Summit, August 2021
Dr Peter Thomas on re-designing learning spaces.
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Peter Cohen from DiUS on Agile values and principles

Exploring the values and principles which underpin Agile
Pete Cohen from DiUS on Medium.
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Peter Thomas lessons from lockdown

Introducing Agile to a K12 school
Lessons from Lockdown, September 2020
Dr Peter Thomas and Lauren Sayer on Agile in schools.
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AgileED: lessons learned from introducing Agile to a K12 school
LAST Anywhere, June 2020
Dr Peter Thomas and Lauren Sayer on Agile in schools. 
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The Guardrails are a set of learning design-specific guidance for teams developing HaileyburyX courses.

Developed by HaileyburyX director Dr Peter Thomas, the Guardrails, in the simplest and most economical way, give course teams enough support to do their work without constraining them.

The Guardrails consist of 5 PowerPoint slides consisting of around 500 words. The Guardrails contain no diagrams, notes or references, complex examples or case studies.

The Guardrails don’t specify what to do, but suggest one key step (“develop a learner story”), a set of four questions to consider and a set of five activities that learners could undertake in any learning experience.

Learn more about The Guardrails below.

HaileyburyX Medium Less is and More Dr Peter Thomas Image of tape recorder

The Guardrails and less is/and more design
Dr Peter Thomas writes about the design of the Guardrails as part of this story on Medium.
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The HaileyburyX Guardrails

Download The Guardrails
Download the HaileyburyX Guardrails. 
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Peter Thomas talks about the Guardrails

The Guardrails explained
Dr Peter Thomas talking on Vimeo about how the Guardrails work.
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HaileyburyX director Dr Peter Thomas, working with Haileybury's Digital Learning team, created the Blended Learning Playbook, a guide to blended learning for teachers. 

In a blended learning environment, students will be engaged in different modalities and this requires teachers to shape the culture to both set high expectations and to facilitate greater student ownership of their learning.

Teachers must rethink how to deliver and receive content in order to encourage students to think more creatively and more critically. It is not simply putting material online. Successful implementation of blended learning needs to place emphasis on deliberate implementation of technology.

HaileyburyX Blended Learning Playbook

Blended Learning Playbook
Download the Blended Learning Playbook.
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Dancing in the rain Lauren Sayer and Peter Thomas on blended learning.

Dancing in the Rain
Pre-print book chapter by Lauren Sayer and Dr Peter Thomas on blended learning.
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Peter Thomas chairs the Clariden Global Digital Campus Event.

4th Annual Digital Campus Conference March 2021
Dr Peter Thomas chairs a two-day global event on digital campuses.
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During the early COVID-19 lockdowns we created a wide range of fitness and wellbeing resources that students could access online, hosted on Vimeo. 

HaileyburyX HYV Fitness Yoga

HYV Fitness

HaileyburyX Fitness ELC

HYV Fitness

HaileyburyX HYV Fitness Senior School

HYV Fitness
Senior School

HaileynburyX HYV Fitness Middle School

HYV Fitness

HaileyburyX HYV Fitness Junior School

HYV Fitness

HaileyburyX HYV Fitness Pilates

HYV Fitness
Senior School


HaileyburyX director Dr Peter Thomas talks about the original thinking behind HaileyburyX in this collection of short explainer videos.

He covers the principles and structure of HaileyburyX, how teams work using Agile Learning Design, the Guardrails and talks about HaileyburyX's approach to platforms. 

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