19 Days

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Our relationship with nature is metaphysical - it tempts and allows us to question and search for the truth and our version of reality - and we are trying to find out whether we can recreate the experience in digital form.

It is based on the experience of Haileybury teacher Tamsin Visick, who completed a 19-day sea crossing of the Bass Strait from little Musscleroe Bay in Tasmania to Port Welshpool in Victoria.

Tamsin says, "The essence of this expedition was spiritual. It drew me to spirit and nature. It guided, nurtured, challenged and made me question my version of reality. This experience was truly metaphysical as it led me to understand, promote and develop the relationship I have with nature."

This experiment uses Google Web Stories to structure a visual experience, and Amazon Polly, a text to speech system that produces human speech from a meditation text. It presents the viewer with a meditative exploration of the five elements through sharing Tamsin's journey.

Aside from contributing to our students’ wellbeing, we are interested in two things: is it possible to access the benefits of being immersed in nature through an online experience; and, if there are innovative ways to deliver that experience that can be extended to other learning experiences.

You can read a story on Medium with more about why we did this and what we will do next.

Click the image to start the story. Make sure you are wearing headphones and turn the sound on.

19 Days at sea in the Bass Strait.