Summer School Skill Builder is a Literacy and Numeracy learning program that provides both virtual and onsite learning classes.



Haileybury has always embraced technology for teaching and learning.

We see ourselves as innovators. High-speed WiFi, laptops and tablets, video and cloud-based services, along with our school-wide LMS Canvas, are all now part of our students’ everyday learning experiences - especially now as we teach remotely.

But the latest technology is not what matters.

What is important is technology that meets the needs of students and teachers. Technology that helps deliver outstanding learning experiences that fuel academic excellence.


About Summer School Skill Builder

Literacy and Numeracy Skill Builder Classes

Students throughout 2020 have undertaken a multitude of learning challenges due to Covid-19.

We understand the impact that falling behind can have on students and their future which is why we have developed a Summer School Skill Builder program to help get students back on track.

Summer School Skill Builder is a Literacy and Numeracy learning program developed around NAPLAN domains that provides both virtual and onsite learning classes across Year Levels 3 – 8 segmented across Middle Primary, Upper Primary, Lower Secondary. 


Monday, 11 January – Friday, 15 January 2021 

Monday, 18 January – Friday, 22 January 2021 

Literacy and Numeracy Skill Builder Classes

Skill Builder Classes are consistent with the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards and focus on core Literacy and Numeracy skills using Haileybury’s Explicit Instruction model of teaching and learning.

Classes will cover key learning areas and enable students to:

- Understand, analyse, interpret and evaluate information
- Develop and express ideas and opinions
- Build confidence with others and participate in Literacy and Numeracy activities at school

Classes have been carefully designed to help students strengthen their Literacy or Numeracy ability at their applicable year level.


All classes will be administered by qualified Haileybury teachers.

Application Requirements

Haileybury prides its reputation on differentiation and inclusion across varied student programs. However, the Summer School Skill Builder cannot tailor to children with complex learning difficulties who require additional support. Their best interest would not be accommodated in this program.

The suggested minimum requirement for international students on the AEAS is 60%. Students below this level may not apply.

Part A English Assessment- 60/100 – minimum requirement
Part B Non-Verbal General Ability and Part C Mathematics Reasoning Ability – 6/10- minimum requirement.


You will be taken to Eventbrite where you can download detailed class descriptions and timetables and book places for each class.